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You want to manufacture in China?

S³ provides both in Spain and in China, an expert team in purchasing, manufacturing and quality management:

Technical capacity to manage audits, product development and quality control
Active presence in major industrial regions: Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, etc.
3 options for joint projects, adapted to the needs of each company:
- "Basic": includes the selection of the most suitable factory for each project and a standard quality control inspection before each shipment.
- "Advanced": includes additionally factory audits, product development management and purchasing missions.
- "Premium": implies the most comprehensive service package, including certification management, 'in-company' training programs and the establishment of a purchasing central in China.

Regardless of the industry or the specific product, each project will be evaluated and managed according to the standard S³ sourcing procedure:

1. Consensual assessment of the feasibility of the project
2. RFQ Form: comprehensive compilation of the product specifications
3. Search and selection of adequate factories
4. Presentation of purchasing budgets
5. Production and monitoring of initial samples
6. Mass production and corresponding quality control

To explain the foregoing procedure in more detail, the S³ sourcing team has developed ample documentation, including the case study: 'Sourcing of chrome wire shelving' (see below at ‘Experience’).

Factory Selection

S³ has a network of Asian manufacturers, which is constantly expanding, offering customers thereby an extensive research and evaluation of suppliers from various industries.

Additionally, S³ manages its network of suppliers, representatives and logistics partners in Asia to offer the most competitive conditions to its customers. If the customer wishes to visit the selected factories, S³ will provide all necessary support during the meetings, translation of documents, negotiating and advice on legal procedures.

There are many procedures related to import of goods from Asia. An error can cause considerable delays that have the potential to be very expensive. To avoid problems, S³ offers its customers all the services needed for a complete sourcing operation.

In order to start the project correctly, S3 has developed its RFQ (Request for Quotation) form, which, when duly completed, will be the basis for the efficient selection of the suppliers

Product Development

S3 has the ability to manage in situ, jointly with the customer and the corresponding Asian manufacturers, complex product development processes, including:

- Review of the original technical specifications
- Training of technical teams in Asia
- Production of prototypes
- Validation of proposed improvements and modifications
- Certifications and homologations

Quality Control

S³ has the operational capacity to manage inspections at all stages of sourcing:

- Initial factory audits (production means, installations, human resources, capacities, certifications...)
- Quality control of raw materials and validation of the first representative product samples
- Quality assurance during the entire production
- Quality control prior to shipment (ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 standard)

To ensure the success of the sourcing process it is crucial to establish the quality control program. S³ offers quality control in situ, e.g. in the factory’s premisses, prior to production, during production and before the loading of the goods.
Quality control involves Asian technicians specialized in implementing quality control programs, according to the relevant international standards.

Other Services

Apart from the standard services of supplier selection and quality control, product development projects and quality control inspections, S³ offers several additional options to its customers, including:

- Purchasing missions
- Certification management
- „In-company” training
- Purchasing central management

If you are interested in the various services offered by S³ in the field of ‚sourcing' please contact us.


The key to success in an industrial sourcing project is the experience provided by the management team and strict quality control procedures.

It is precisely the experience in a wide variety of projects that gives S³ its leadership position in the market and that is shown here as a complete set of case studies as well as a summary of products of which the production in Asia has been successfully managed by the team.

Case study of a complete sourcing process

The sourcing team has developed a detailed example of how the sourcing process is implemented and of which you can request the complete set of documents here


See our products here

Quality Control

The sourcing team has a detailed technical instructions and inspection report corresponding to quality control , you can request an example here.


See our expertises here


Why start a sourcing activity in China with S³?

The current market requires all companies to be competitive and therefore obtaining savings on purchases is seen as a basic tool for each player. China is an alternative to offer unbeatable prices. And you can be sure that also your competitors are actively working in the same direction.
S³, with over ten years of proven experience in sourcing activities in China and engineers specialized in purchasing and quality, is your strategic partner to manage this activity with guarantees.

How I can ensure a high success rate in a sourcing project with S³?

The sourcing activity is not only about purchasing, the whole organization of the company must understand the associated advantages and participate within their framework of responsibilities. It is a strategic project for the company and as such should be supported and led by top management.
S³ offers the possibility of organizing training sessions to convey the specific management challenges of purchasing on the Chinese market and explain the guidelines to follow throughout the process to facilitate a successful project.

What should I evaluate to decide which products to develop within the S³ sourcing activity?

There are many parameters to consider (technical complexity, purchasing volumes, quality risks, logistics...) to decide which products to purchase in Asia.
S3 makes a preliminary analysis based on the information provided by the company and guides the customer to make a first selection of these products.

Who will be my contact person when I start an S³ sourcing project?

The S³ team consists of a group of specialists in many fields, countries and regions.
In the first phase, you will be directly in touch with our operational head office in Barcelona (contact us here), but as we know that, despite the current globalization, each market is probably very specific, we will assign you to one of our many regional partners in Europe and Latin America for a more direct and personalized service.

What kind of information does S³ need for my sourcing project?

The success of a sourcing project will depend on us receiving all necessary and detailed information regarding the product or range of products you want to outsource to Asia.
In S³, based on our experience, we have developed a specific form to request quotations ('S³ RFQ Form'), which is available to any company interested in our services and serves as a guide, to acknowledge all the necessary information to start.
Among others, you will see that we need technical specifications, blueprints, annual volumes, target prices, packing details and many other types of info, which are crucial to ensure that you get the best quote and we can serve you properly.

How does S³ ensure that the products you receive meet with my quality standards?

The word "quality" is probably the most important one in the sourcing process and therefore it is also key for us at S³! Based on our experience, we have established a series of quality control procedures, which is one of the features that makes us stand out in the sourcing industry.
In cooperation with our customers, we establish a range of control parameters to be inspected by our quality technicians. Based on the results decisions about sending the goods can be made. In some cases selections or modifications need to be made by the supplier, which are reviewed again by our inspectors before shipment.

How can S³ adapt to my specific purchasing needs in China?

At S³ we understand that each company can have different needs in their sourcing activities in China (product development, purchasing commodities, factory audits, monitoring visits to suppliers...), which is why we have developed three Service Packages (Basic, Advanced and Premium) adaptable to specific customer needs.