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Sourcing Consulting


You want to sell in China?

S³ provides in situ a Chinese sales team, with the cooperation and supervision of a Western business development manager.

Offices and warehouses in Beijing, with an extensive operational and logistical capacity.
Sales network in coastal cities (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, etc.) and in interior provinces (Sichuan, Hebei, Shanxi, Guizhou, etc.).
3 options, tailored to the needs of each company:

- "Basic": includes the introduction and marketing of new products in at least one Chinese region and the corresponding reporting.
- "Advanced": includes an increased geographical presence, in addition to the development of market research, product positioning in e-commerce and trademark registration.
- "Premium": implies the most comprehensive service package, including maximum geographical expansion, a personalized sales mission, additional trademark registrations and direct presence at a major trade event.

Regardless of the particular product, each project will be evaluated and managed according to standard S³ procedure:

1. Definition of the product range with the best potential
2. Incorporation of sales information in Chinese and English on www.S3China.eu
3. Translation, layout and registration of product labels in China
4. Shipment of the first products to China
5. Introduction of the products as samples and direct sales, due to immediate availability
6. Consolidated sales
In order to explain the above procedure in more detail, the export team has developed the export of ‘S³ Export Services Procedures Manual’.

Access to distribution channels

S³ offers unprecedented access to a variety of distribution channels

- Supermarkets and hypermarkets
- Convenience stores, drugstores, etc.

'Gourmet' stores: for exclusive and imported products

E-commerce: Taobao, Tmall, dedicated online store, etc.

Horeca: hotels, restaurants and catering (including 'KTV')

Gifts: Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, National Day, etc.

Online Presence

All products with technical data sheets in Chinese and English, as well as high resolution images, are available to the sales network and buyers, by means of the S³ website specifically aimed at the sales channels of the company in China:


Apart from the presence of the products on the web www.S3China.eu, S³ also offers the option of putting the range on sale in major Chinese portals or, if the producer wishes, on an individual and personalized website in Chinese that can receive and manage orders.

Marketing Initiatives

The S³ team offers producers the possibility of organizing a wide range of initiatives, per product and per channel:

- Institutional presentations
- Promotional events
- Consumer tests & professional tastings
- Presence at specialized trade shows

To explain the events and campaigns organized by S³ more in detail, the export team has several practical cases available here.

Other Services

In S³ producers have access to a standard set of services to facilitate the introduction of their products in China. However, according to the agreed terms there are several additional services offered by the team, including:
- Geographical implementation
- Sales reporting
- Market research
-Trade missions
- E-commerce
- Trademark registrations
- Participation in trade shows
- Etc.

If you are interested in the various services offered by S³ in the field of export services and want to know more details, please contact us.


Since the start of export activities to China, S3 has focused on creating concrete results for the producers who have placed their trust in the company.
Examples of effective introduction of food and beverage products in China are:

Case study: Bodegas Galan 'Sangria Sndevid' y 'Vina Luparia'

'Spanish Festival': presentation of over 20 Spanish brands in hypermarkets Wumart 物美, retail leader in Beijing and northeastern China.

Product introduction in various supermarkets and hypermarkets in China


Are there prior steps to be taken before S³ can start with the project of exporting my products?

Yes, there are certain obligations that initially must be taken into account, to avoid obstacles as problems in China Customs, or that our team can not introduce their products optimally in the market. This phase may include the certification of the products according to Chinese regulations, the design and production of adequate packaging and proper labeling, as well as the design and production of a number of marketing tools such as brochures, website, etc. in both English and Chinese.
If your company prefers to not actively participate in this phase, S³ will provide a budget for these actions, for your review and approval.

How much and how does S³ charge for taking care of my export activities in China?

Based on our experience, S³ has developed an export program providing among others a selection of Service Packages. The goal is that every company that has previously developed an internationalization plan finds the appropriate mix among the different services offered. The variables reflected in the Export Services Program include e.g. the intended geographical scope, the desired reporting frequency, the preparation of a market study, the introduction of products in e-commerce, the automatic management of trademarks and / or participation in trade fairs. Since not all the participating companies in the Export Services Program have neither the same objectives, nor identical resources or ambitions in terms of internationalization, the S³ team will inform about the characteristics of the program in detail.

How I can protect my brand in China?

It is always advisable to register your trademark at the beginning of the Program, along with the certification of your products, if applicable (see above FAQ). If your company does not wish to directly manage the registration of your trademark in China, S³ will prepare a budget for your review and approval.