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S³’s experience, accumulated over the years by its staff and partners, enables its clients to commission ambitious and highly complex projects in the field of internationalization.
These projects englobe industries outside the strict context of sourcing operations or export services of food and beverages.

Examples of activities that have been analyzed, managed and/or implemented by S³ in Europe, Asia and Latin America include:

- Market analysis
- Industrial representation
- Search and selection of potential distributors and/or agents
(non-Food & Beverages)
- Search and selection of potential partners for joint ventures
- Technology transfer projects
- Implementation in emerging markets
- Study trips
- Combinations of the above

Customers from the S³ Consulting activity come from a wide variety of industries, including:

- Industrial equipment for building materials
- Renewable energy and lighting equipment
- Gliders
- Hair cosmetics
- Retail distribution
- Catering and restaurant services
- Fertilizers and other additives for agricultural use
- Etc.

For more information on how S³ can assist you in your internationalization projects, contact us.