Strategic Sourcing Solutions, S.L., is founded in Barcelona with its main activity aimed at providing industrial sourcing services in China for Spanish companies.
The business focus is on tools and building materials.


Due to the recession in the market, other opportunities in different areas and our internationally accumulated experience, especially in China, an expansion plan, "A Stronger S³ for the Future", is launched based on three pillars:

1 : Expansion of the service range and therefore the resources of the company

- Industrial sourcing in China for European companies interested in accessing, without excessive risk, the 'Asian Cost Advantage'. The emphasis is placed on product development, selection of adequate suppliers and strict quality control processes.

- Export services aimed at Western companies who wish to introduce their products in the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America. The business focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on food and beverages (F&B).

- Consulting services for internationalization, offering market analysis, implementation of projects in emerging economies, technology transfer operations and study trips.

2 : Geographical expansion to other Asian countries and Latin America, highlighting the start of activities in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, etc.

3 : Creating a network of business partners in Spain, France, Germany, Brazil and other countries, in order to offer customers a broader geographic scope, always within the business areas of S³.


Tom Van der Heyden

Born in Antwerp in 1965, Tom Van der Heyden is a Belgian citizen and speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Dutch.

He has graduated from the IESE Business School MBA program in Barcelona and has extensive experience in sales and marketing management in industrial, logistics and outsourcing companies.

He was one of the co-founders of S³ in 2003 and is currently the CEO and majority shareholder of S³ Group.

Sales Network

One of the pillars of the growth of S³ throughout its history has been its ability ‘to be at home' in its respective markets.

With the aim of providing a professional service, without excessive risks for the customers, it is important to have a close presence both where the customer is, as well as where the partner is located, on the other end of the process.

S³ currently has established a business presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America, in order for customers, manufacturers, retail chains, etc., to always have a professional partner nearby. If you want to know the nearest business partner or want to be an S³ sales agent, contact us.

Corporate Social Responsability

Les enfants des rues

In order to avoid that our contributions, sent in our own name, on behalf of our customers or of the S³ partners, would get lost in a large, bureaucratic organization, we have chosen a modest, yet efficient project. Furthermore, by personally knowing the local manager of the project, we ensure that every Euro we donate reaches its destination and is used to its fullest potential.

S³ supports each year the 'Communauté du Chemin Neuf' in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which Jean-Pierre Godding and his team work tirelessly to help every day an average of 250 street children, boys and girls expelled from their homes and stranded on the street.
Within the community they are offered clothing, food and an education that will prepare them to develop a worthy life.

Our support, however modest, means a lot to this organization and we hope you support our initiative.

For more information on the work developed in Kinshasa, you can directly check the website of this NGO or ask for more information here, in case you are interested in making an additional donation.


1. Lecturing assignements on internationalization at various business schools

2. Conferences and seminars

• Chambers of Commerce: Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, San Sebastián, León…
• Institutions: Icex, Acció, Cecot, Junta de Andalucía, Avanzza…

3. Media

Interview for 'VIB Magazine' of the Belgian Association of Purchasing and Logistics Managers


In recognition of the professionalism of our team and the experience accumulated throughout its history, S³ has been requested to provide its services within an institutional framework and has therefore signed a number of agreements with trade associations and institutions.

Within the scope of these collaborations, S³ can provide:

- Conferences, seminars and courses on internationalization
- Export and internationalization missions
- Purchasing missions
- Product development projects
-Organization of product presentations in distribution channels
- Etc